Monday, February 22, 2010

The Time has come....


yeay!! Oh I am very excited.. so change your feeds and enjoy the lovely LARGE beautiful images.
See you over there soon!! Luvlee xx

then follow the link to the blog...

Monday, December 21, 2009


This will be my last post for a couple of weeks and my last for this year :) Wow it has gone so quickly.. I have had such an amazing year. I have done over 100 shoots.. and met so many wonderful people, hugged so many cute kiddies and smooshed so many little babies. I cant wait until next year.. I have lots of fun things planned.. including a little makeover for my little shop..
I will post photos!!


I will be on holidays until the 22nd of January..
Have a wonderful Christmas.. I hope Santa is good to you.I look forward to seeing you then . Luvlee x
{ Tis the season for Beautiful soon to be mummas!!! }

I have had 3 maternity shoots in the last 3 weeks.. all absolutely stunning and so much fun with amazingly beautiful people.. just wait a minute and there will be photos of their new little cute bubbas!!! I cant wait... Here are 2 of them, I'll post these altogether for you to enjoy beware there are lots!

Firstly there was Bec... ooo I think she is about to pop!! I am expecting a call any day to book in their little bubba!

And then there is beautiful Brooke... We met in Morpeth and a beautiful afternoon.. it was a little hot though! I think about 40! You did well Brookie!! Here is your little sneak peak and I will see you next year!

{ more trampolines }

Oh i love trampolines.. as you may have seen in my wedding photos!! and I found another one :) I also love beds and hiding under the sheets.. LOVE IT!! and i found one of them too with this wonderfully wonderful family. Enjoy your sneak peak for Christmas!!

{ there were 3 in the bed!! }

and they were all super super cute :) This is the 3 time I have photographed this beautiful, crazy family ... this is the newest member and just as huggable as the other 2!! ITs nearly time for me to go on holidays !!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

{ Would you like to share in.. }

The most wonderful day of my life!! As most of you know I have been preoccupied and a little absent but I have finally found the time to load some of the wonderful images of mine and Cam's wedding on the 10th of October.
We cant really put into words how amazing our day was and how much we stinking LOVE our photos!! and how they really just are us! I have loaded just a couple here, but this blog does not do them justice and you MUST head to the most awesome and bestest wedding photographers in the world's Blog!!
the Image is Found.. they were AMAZING.. check it for your selves.. I hope you LOVE them as much as we do and I am really sorry for my ridiculous time taken to show you these.. hopefully most of you have seen them on facebook ( head over and become a fan!!)

I hope you are having a wonderful week.. and enjoy seeing the first part of out wonderful crazy life together being all grown up and a husband and wife!!
Luvlee xx

Incase you missed it.. our photographers were Image is Found... click here and check out the rest NOW!!! xx

Thankyou Image is Found.. Cam and I love you !!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

{ they LOOOOOVE each other , they want to KIIISSSSSS }

This is Kirby. and Ben. and they are very very sweet and Kirby is my other wonderful assistant. and they needed some awesome photos of each other and I felt the need to take them! We secretly then gave them to Ben for his Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY benny!!! and he secretly LOVED Them! YES!!! So here you go guys. enjoy these and have a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL DAY.. cause I am!! luvlee xx

Monday, November 09, 2009

{ Only the coolest fairy ever! }

So I have know Ruby forever!! and now she has a super cute little brother! We had awesome fun playing at their grandmas home and in the bush right behind her house.. ! Thanks for playing guys and thanks for the tea and cookies :) Keep an eye out for this months Sunny Days.. you might spy Ruby there!!